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In this section you will find all kind of inventory for €1.00 and €0.50. Prices are deeply discounted, therefore non negotiable.

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Grow your business with us. We stock an extensive range of wholesale products such as electronics, toys, home& kitchen appliances, clothing, shoes, jewelry, office products, books, watches and much more. Our merchandise is carefully packed and sorted into pallets. All of the products are fully licensed for resale.

Buy wholesale merchandise from an established business with a top-notch customer service

We are a leading wholesaler and supplier of liquidated merchandise. We offer exclusive merchandise designed specifically for retailers and online sellers suitable for different marketplaces. We bulk buy a broad range of wholesale merchandise & products and then sort them into categories and pallets which are ready to be shipped to your address.

Grab our great discount. Get 60% off for all lots and 40% off for individual items after registering on EuroLots and making your first order!
Available for orders up to €2500.
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